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Degree Through Experience (VAE) & Honorary Doctorate

The University Ecole Supérieure Robert de Sorbon was registered in France as a non-profit association under the law of 1901, and is classified in the French education system as an “établissement d’enseignement supérieur privé” (private institution of higher education), we offer: Doctorate/PHD/Post-Doctoral/Honorary Doctorate/MBA/MS. We apply the unique VAE (Valorization of Acquired Experience) process, which is, since 2002, the Law in France.

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The degree that the Ecole Supérieure Robert de may grant is a “Certificat issu par un Etablissement d’Enseignement Supérieur Privé” as defined by the Ordonnance nº 2000-916 du 19 septembre 2000 art. 3 Journal Officiel du 22 septembre 2000 en vigueur le 1er janvier 2002)

We expect total integrity from our students and the jury may check, with the issuing sources, the documents presented for the VAE and the identity of the applicant. To produce a false document is a felony punished by a large fine and up to three years in jail in France. Article 441 of the French Code Pénal:”Constitue un faux toute altération frauduleuse de la vérité de nature à causer un préudice et accomplie par quelque moyen que ce soit, dans un écrit ou tout autre support d’expression de la pensée qui a pour objet ou qui peut avoir pour effet d’établir la preuve d’un droit ou d’un fait ayant des conséquences juridiques. Le faux et l’usage de faux sont punis de trois ans d’emprisonnement et de 45000 euros d’amende.”

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Recognized Entity

Registered by French Authorities as Trade Mark #134045899.

Registered French Institution of Higher Education # 0862003720

Publication Journal Officiel de la Republique Francaise # 20040039-1669

Authorized Entity

Authorized to bestow degrees L731-14.

Experimental Learning

CAEL : The Cousl fer Adult &Experiential Learning .

Global Recognition

Ecole Supérieure Robert de Sorbon is referenced on the University Worldwide and the Consortium for International Education (Worldwide Classroom) that the US Dept. of Education considers as of as valuable reference sources:.

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WindowOf Opportunity

For awarding degrees SORBON use the following formula : 3 years of qualified work experience = 1 year of University studies.

Bachelor Degree of 3 years MBA/MS (UNESCO ISCED Code-7), PHD/PostDoctoral (UNESCO ISCED Code 8)

Work Experience

MBA/M.S (UNESCO ISCED Code-7): may be considered equivalent to a US, UK Master Degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education.

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