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Dr. Nirmal
Bansal (D.Litt)

Provost- Ecolesuperieure

Vice Chairman, at Ecolesuperieure Robert de Sorbon International Selection Board & Jury Board

PhD., D.Litt, is a distinguished veteran banker with an impressive four decades of experience in the field of banking and finance. He has established himself as a notable figure in the industry and has made significant contributions to the sector.With a strong educational background, Dr. Nirmal Bansal holds a postgraduate degree in commerce and has pursued advanced certifications and qualifications to further enhance his expertise. He is a Certified Corporate Director recognized by IICA/MCA/IoD, which attests to his proficiency in corporate governance and board leadership. Additionally, he has completed the prestigious CAIIB (Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers) program and holds a PG DPR (Post Graduate Diploma in Public Relations). As a prominent figure in the corporate world, Dr. Nirmal Bansal serves as a board member for several renowned organizations. He holds key positions on the boards of Ayekart, Quicksun Technologies, Alafied-Desh ka Doctor, Yogyata, and Zapnosys AI, where he brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to guide these companies towards success. Dr. Bansal's expertise extends beyond his involvement in the banking and finance sector. He has also established himself as a mentor and investor, supporting and nurturing various startups in India. His guidance and financial support contribute to the growth and development of these emerging businesses. In recognition of his accomplishments and contributions, Dr. Nirmal Bansal is a Distinguished Fellow with the SKOCH Foundation, an esteemed organization that promotes good governance and social inclusion. He also holds the position of Vice Chairman on the Sorbon International Selection Board in France, further showcasing his international standing and influence. Additionally, he serves as a Senior Council member with GLG in the United States, where his expertise is sought-after for strategic consultations.

Dr. Nirmal Bansal is not only a corporate leader but also a multi-talented individual. He is an eminent practitioner of Astrology, combining his passion for the subject with his professional career. Furthermore, he is a skilled cricket player, showcasing his sportsmanship, and a stage artist, demonstrating his creativity and performing arts abilities. With his extensive academic qualifications, vast experience, and diverse skills, Dr. Nirmal Bansal exemplifies a distinguished professional in the banking and finance industry. His leadership, expertise, and contributions have positioned him as a revered figure in the corporate world and a respected mentor and investor in the startup ecosystem in India. Dr. Nirmal Bansal, PhD., D.Litt, not only excels in his professional achievements but also possesses exceptional skills as a communicator and facilitator. He is highly proficient in conducting various round table discussions, acting as a catalyst for meaningful dialogue and collaboration among industry experts and stakeholders. His ability to foster engaging and insightful discussions has made him a sought-after moderator and facilitator for important industry forums and conferences. In addition to his skills as a discussion facilitator, Dr. Nirmal Bansal is also a captivating presenter and anchor. With his deep knowledge and experience in banking and finance, he is able to deliver compelling presentations and engage audiences with his dynamic speaking style. His ability to communicate complex concepts in a clear and concise manner makes him an effective presenter at conferences, seminars, and corporate events. As an anchor, Dr. Bansal brings his charisma and expertise to host and moderate various events, ensuring a seamless flow and engaging experience for the participants. His strong stage presence, combined with his deep understanding of the subject matter, allows him to connect with the audience and keep them informed and entertained. Through his proficiency in conducting round table discussions, presenting, and anchoring, Dr. Nirmal Bansal adds value to conferences, seminars, and other industry events, creating an enriching and interactive experience for all participants. His strong communication skills and ability to engage with diverse audiences further contribute to his reputation as a versatile and influential figure in the banking and finance sector.

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