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Dr. Vivek
Choudhry D.Litt

Vice President & Chairman, at Ecolesuperieure Robert de Sorbon

Dr. Vivek Choudhry, a distinguished academician and scion of a family deeply rooted in education and social work, serves as the Founder Trustee of Choudhry Shiv Nath Singh Sandilya Post Graduate Agriculture College ( formerly known asK.V.P.G. College) in Meerut, India affiliated with Choudhry Charan Singh University, the institution reflects his commitment to education. Hailing from a lineage of freedom fighters, his mother, Smt. Rita Choudhry, and her family played a pivotal role in the independence movement. Notably, Ch. Raghubir Narayan Singh, Mrs. Choudhry's grandfather, was a revered freedom fighter who contributed significantly, including weighing Mahatma Gandhi in silver/gold three times and donating land for the Gandhi Ashram Movement. Driven by a passion for education, Dr. Vivek Choudhry, a graduate of Hans Raj College, Delhi University, ventured into the business world, pioneering flexible packaging and establishing the IIPPT Foundation. His dedication to globalizing education is evident in fostering collaborations between Indian and U.S. universities, facilitating affordable technical education for middle-class students.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Dr. Choudhry is a serial entrepreneur, successfully running ventures globally. Recognized for his philanthropic contributions, he received the title of Past Dy. R.G.M. from the Regional Grand Lodge of Northern India, a venerable NGO engaged in charitable services. His role as the cabinet secretary of Lions International district 321 C1 underscores his commitment to charitable projects, including eye hospitals, schools, and blood banks. Further extending his influence internationally, Dr. Choudhry, as the ESRDS France Global Vice President and Chairman Sorbon International Selection Committee to confer honorary doctorates and PhDs based on work experiences and achievements. His impact extends to Dubai, where he guides and mentors residents for higher education, facilitating honors, PhDs, and honorary doctorates through his extensive network in the region which has been recognised by Emirates Authorities in granting him GOLD VISA.

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